How to share your Clinic address (Google Map) on WhatsApp

How to share your Clinic address (Google Map) on WhatsApp?

Your patients might be coming from different part of the city or different city at all. They need an easy way to find your clinic location. WhatsApp can be very handy tool for a doctor for this. You can easily share your clinic address with a patient.

  1. If you do not have patient’s mobile number in your clinic’s address book then please add it first.
  2. Open WhatsApp, select patient who needs direction and open chat screen.
  3. Find U-Pin attachment icon, if you cannot see one then tap(click) on menu icon.
  4. Select “Location” as an attachment.
  5. Tap on “Send your current location” or search location on the top. This may ask to enable GPS.

Tip: You can also use WhatsApp on your desktop, too.

  1. You can use with a browser using OR
  2. You can download from here

Remember that you can NOT write a prescription or give other medical instruction on WhatsApp. Doing so might results into a medico-legal liability against your practice.