Why Do Doctors Need a Website

Why Do Doctors Need a Website?

Today’s citizen is netizen who first research on the Internet before taking any step forward. Your website is the gateway between your practice and the world. Your website connects your prospective patients to you. In case of healthcare, not only patient, but friends and relatives are actively involved in decision making. And of course, they are also netizens who will reach out to the Internet (your website) first.

Before selecting you as a physician, your prospective patients do research on the Internet. The pattern of this research is something like this:

  1. Google first to get the list of choices.
  2. Look for physician’s, clinic’s or hospital’s  website.
  3. Try to learn more about each physician from their websites and other directories’ listing.
  4. Try to know more about you and your expertise.
  5. Your website helps to increase your Credibility and Trustworthiness.

Nowadays, there are many directory listing portals which are free or paid or combination; where you get listed with many other without your distinctive identity. You don’t have much control over such listing. However, some of such listing may help to bring traffic to your website.

Top 5 Reasons Why Do Need A Website

  1. Your website is Open 24×7 and increases your visibility.
  2. You can make Unique Identity with your website.
  3. A website gives  Better ROI, compare to print and other display media.
  4. Without a website, you are Not Searchable.
  5. Enhances professional image with your patients and in your network.

As you have invested heavily in terms of Time and Money for your study and then your clinics. Compare to this, with little investment in your website, you can boost your practice and increase ROI, against your heavy investment in study and clinic setup.

Medical Tourism is going to grow in a country like India and investing in your Website will enhance an opportunity to grow your practice.